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All About Me

Dr. Stephanie Smigiel


I’ve been a working in the behavioral health field since 2013 supporting and empowering  individuals and families. 

I believe everyone has a story to tell and my goal is help tell the story. 

My personal journey lead to me to the behavioral health field. In 3rd grade I was diagnosed with dyslexia, a learning disability. Throughout my schooling  I was told my disability would hold me back in my life. It was easy to say that could have been true but with support I believed in myself. Today I am successful woman with a Ph.D and career helping others.  Know that if no one told you today I believe you. 

I have specialized in working with child, adolescences and young adults with autism spectrum disorder in the Pittsburgh area. I have experience as a  clinician and administration as clinical director of local non-profit for children with behavioral and mental health disorders. I was runner up for the Temple Grandin Award, through Autism Connection of Pa in 2019 for research on supporting individuals with autism learn to drive.  In addition, I have become a trauma informed counselor trained in cognitive processing therapy, EMDR, and cognitive behavioral therapy.  

The essence of my work is to facilitate understanding by helping identify the source of the issues, so that you can effectively overcome them confidently and for the long-term.

As seen on Psychology Today

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